Motorbike Events in New Zealand

No matter whether a person is a resident of New Zealand or visiting there, one of the most exciting forms of entertainment to enjoy is the many motorbike events. Popularity of Motorbikes in NZ Motorbike events of many different types are known to be quite popular in

How to Get Started Racing

It is not uncommon for individuals who become interested in motorcycle riding to want to take it to the next level, which is becoming competitive and taking part in racing. To do this, there are some steps which the motorcyclist needs to take. The Reasons Deciding to

New Zealand Racing Classes

When it comes to motorcycle racing in New Zealand, there are plenty of opportunities for participants to find the type of racing which appeals to them the most. Different racing classes can be considered. Superbike This is a racing class which allows for the participation of all

Motorcycle Shows in New Zealand

Those who are into motorcycles often like to know what is happening in the industry. They could have an interest in this as a participant, or they just may be a spectator. For most, one of their areas of interest will be the motorcycle shows in New