When it comes to motorcycle racing in New Zealand, there are plenty of opportunities for participants to find the type of racing which appeals to them the most. Different racing classes can be considered.


This is a racing class which allows for the participation of all motorcycle manufacturers. In the NZSBK Championship, the Superbike event is the top class race. Manufacturers find this race to be of the utmost importance. It provides a golden opportunity for showcasing what their brand of bikes are capable of when competing. Some modifications to the bikes are allowed. The homologated shape is mandatory when it comes to the structure of the bikes being entered in this race.

Supersport 300

The requirements for bike entries into this race is the MNZ Homologation. There is a minimum of 30 sold units of the mass production of this bike category. Some of the other requirements are:

  • It has to be a street type motorcycle
  • It must be able to be registered for road use
  • Should be originally sold in NZ and be available there

For those riders who are under the age of thirteen, they will need to see if they qualify as a special case. If so, they may get approved to participate in the race by the Road Race Commissioner.

250 Production

The requirements for this race class are an MNZ Homologation. There must be a minimum of fifty units sold from the mass production of this motorcycle. Some of the other requirements are:

  • Street type
  • Qualify for road registration
  • Warrant of Fitness (WOF) mass production.
  • Sold new and available in New Zealand

For the 2018 race, this class raced with the Supersport 300


For those who own a formula type motorcycle, this may be a race they will be most interested in. The requirements do allow for some modification. Some of the other requirements are:

  • Multi-cylinder:

Four-stroke up to 450 cc

Production-based two-stroke up to 400cc

  • Twin Cylinder:

Air-cooled four-stroke up to 750 cc

2 or more valves water-cooled four-strokes up to 650cc

  • Single Cylinder:

Four-stroke 251 cc, open capacity

Two-stroke 200 to 500 cc

For the 2018 championships, the Superlite ran with the Pro Twin Class.

Additional Classes

In addition to these favourite motorcycle race classes, others appeal to many such as:

  • Pro Twin
  • 125GP/250 Mono
  • Sidecars
  • Gixxer Cup

Choosing the Best Class

For those who want to participate in these different forms of racing, it is going to come down to a few factors when choosing. First, it is going to depend on the type of bike the racer owns. For those who are going to select a class first, then purchase the machine, they will want to study the different classes carefully, to see which one they feel is most suited for them.