Those who are into motorcycles often like to know what is happening in the industry. They could have an interest in this as a participant, or they just may be a spectator. For most, one of their areas of interest will be the motorcycle shows in New Zealand.

Keeping Up with the News

Most who enjoy motorcycles want to keep up with the latest news, so they can be informed as to what is taking place in this exciting sport. To do this, there are undoubtedly plenty of resources available. For those who want to track some of the latest motorcycle shows, the following is a good starting point.

Ride Forever

There will be plenty of motorcycle shows to choose from when in New Zealand. One which is recommended by many is the Ride Forever New Zealand Motorcycle Show. This is an exciting event. It is also one which is not for profit, even with the focus being on a charity fundraising event. All of the proceeds gathered from the show go back into the community. In 2018, the show was held at the ASB Showgrounds in Auckland.

There is a lot which goes on at this show, such as:

  • Displays
  • Club representation
  • Motorcycle Alley
  • Motorcycle manufacturers are present
  • Riding gear displays
  • Trade stands

One of the exciting events which take place during the show is the Classic Bike of the Year awards. There is an opportunity for participants to become part of the show.

Ride Forever is the biggest motorcycle show in New Zealand, and it grows in popularity each year. It can attract those who previously may not have had much interest in motorbikes.

About Ride Forever

Whenever anyone talks about a motorcycle show in New Zealand, the name Ride Forever is going to crop up. This is an organisation which came together in 2009. They have a huge mandate for promoting the motorcycle industry when it comes to both riders and fans. One of the big factors that encouraged the formation of Ride Forever was the renewed popularity in motorcycle riding that took place after the downslide of this sport in the 1990s. It was soon discovered with renewed interest that there were a lot of motorcycle riders who were lacking the knowledge and experience needed for this type of bike. The focus was on the provision of education and safety.

As the organisation grew and became recognised, the introduction of motorcycle shows became the next priority. These shows have proven to be extremely popular. One of the many purposes they serve is to generate new interest in motorcycle riding and ownership, including creating interest in spectatorship for the many motorcycle events which take place throughout New Zealand.

Sound FM Custom Motorcycle Show

This is a show where some of the best custom bikes which exist in NZ can be seen. What makes this particular show exciting is that it is open to anyone who wants to enter the competition sector of the show. Custom bikes that can be entered include:

  • Bobbers
  • Cafe Racers
  • Rat Bikes
  • Pro Street
  • Baggers
  • School choppers old and new

There are plenty of shows where brand bikes take the spotlight. But, it is also fun to see what has been done with the custom bikes, and shows such as this provide the perfect opportunity for doing so.