No matter whether a person is a resident of New Zealand or visiting there, one of the most exciting forms of entertainment to enjoy is the many motorbike events.

Popularity of Motorbikes in NZ

Motorbike events of many different types are known to be quite popular in New Zealand. Those who are enthusiastic about these types of bikes are always keen on keeping up with the latest news about them. For example, many will find the news article about a motorbike being powered by an aircraft engine to be most intriguing.

If one wonders just how popular motorcycle racing is, in general, all they have to do, is just look in the video game arcades to see who is playing the motorcycle games. This is a well-known theme for arcade games because of its overall popularity in the sporting industry.

Charity Events

One of the biggest motorcycle events in NZ is an organised motorcycle ride for charity. This is a ride which has been taking place for many years, but recently, problems were occurring because of the ride. As a result, there were some fears that this would be the last ride that would be taking place for this particular event. This was the charity ride performed by the Ulysses Club. Fortunately, this club is still participating in charity rides, such as the ARHT Annual Charity Motorcycle ride.

Event Watching From Home

For those who don`t want to leave home to watch some great motorcycle events, they don`t have to. They can enjoy some great entertainment by watching the Motorcycle King on their mobile devices. This is undoubtedly a great way to start a Sunday morning.

Other Exciting NZ Motorcycle Events

No matter when one visits New Zealand or what time of year it is, there should be at least a few motorcycle events to be enjoyed. The following are just a few interesting examples of some of them:

  • Thailand Magic Tours

This is a tour which many New Zealanders enjoy, as it is a thirteen-day event. It is expensive to participate in, but most claim it is well worth it. There is undoubtedly a lot of planning that needs to take place for participating in this event because of its duration.

  • Father-Son Camp: This is a great event for allowing fathers and sons to come together and enjoy biking. For the kids, it is all about dirt bikes, mostly due to their age, as they are not ready for the motorcycles as yet. This is a weekend event which has really grown in popularity.
  • Supermoto Track Day: Not all events are for professional motorcycle riders. There are definitely lots of things to see and do for the amateur riders. An excellent example of this is the Supermoto Track Day. Here owners of a Motard, or race bike with lower engine size, can make use of the track for practice.

Motorcycle Rallies

These types of rallies are very popular, and usually, there are always a few which are taking place in New Zealand, no matter what time of year it is. The following three are just a few of the more popular ones.

  • Pyes Pa Road, Rotorua
  • Catlins, Southland
  • Motueka Valley, Nelson

One of the great features of motorcycle events in New Zealand is that they can be enjoyed by participants or just those who want to be spectators.