It is not uncommon for individuals who become interested in motorcycle riding to want to take it to the next level, which is becoming competitive and taking part in racing. To do this, there are some steps which the motorcyclist needs to take.

The Reasons

Deciding to participate in motorcycle racing means there has to be a reason for wanting to do this. Some become interested to the extent where they want to become a professional rider partially because of the money they could win with successful races. Most who are involved in racing say the priority should be for the fun and excitement which comes with racing.

Getting Started

It goes without saying that before anyone should consider racing motorcycles that they should be well trained in proper and safe riding. Then, there should be a period of riding for gaining experience. Only after this point should racing even be considered.

Joining a Club

The next step is joining an MNZ (Motorcycle New Zealand) Club. Choosing one will be based on the area in which a person lives for convenience. Another factor will be which discipline the club supports. Some of the common ones are:

  • Trial
  • Quad
  • Super Motard
  • Beach Racing
  • Cross Country
  • Miniature TT
  • Mini Motocross

Plus there are several more.


What some who want to enter motorcycle events may not be aware of is that they must be licenced. This is another reason why riders need to belong to a club. Some great benefits come with being licenced besides being able to participate in events. For example, access to the MNZ member’s benefits. There are three types of licences, which are:

  • MNZ Club Licence

This is a licence for those who want to compete in club events. It does not allow for participation in any of the Island or Championship events and is not to be used for street racing events.

  • MNZ Championship Licence

For those who want to be able to compete in all of the motorcycle racing events, then this is the licence which will be required.

  • Single Event Licence

This is a day licence and allows the holder to participate in a scheduled day event. It is purchased through a club. It will provide insurance coverage. This is ideal for those who are not sure they want to participate in more events, and they are using this as a test.

Different Types of Events

Another decision that those who want to participate in motorcycle racing have to consider is the type of event which appeals to them. Some examples are:

  • Club Days
  • Have a Go Day (Practice Day)
  • Competitions
  • Championships
  • Rallies

Proper Gear

Participants also have to consider the type of gear they are going need. This is going to include:

  • Chest and back protection
  • Goggles
  • Gloves
  • Helmet

A racing outfit may also be another requirement depending on the event which is being entered.

These are some of the starting factors which need to be considered for those who are contemplating getting into motorcycle events. Once an individual has joined a club, the other members, as well as the club, will provide plenty of additional information. Before making the significant investment, which is with the purchase of a motorcycle for event purposes, proper planning and some thought have to be given to it.