Undoubtedly there are many reasons why we have decided to focus on the topic of motorcycles. After reading what we are all about, it should provide you as a reader with some insight as to why this is important to us. Hopefully, after reading what this site has to offer you, it will place greater importance on motorcycles and what type of involvement you would like to have with them.

Growing an Interest in Motorcycles

It is not unknown for those who have no real interest in motorcycles to admire these machines still when they are exposed to them. They often demand a second look when one of these impressive vehicles pulls up alongside a vehicle at a light. Or when one is standing alone in its own parking space in a busy parking lot. For those who are attracted to the motorcycles, then it may be time to leave tennis to the kids and give some serious thought to becoming a motorcycle owner.

To help you determine where your interest may be with motorcycles we have some great posts here that cover:

  • The type of motorcycle events that take place in New Zealand(NZ)
  • How one can begin to participate in motorcycle races
  • Highlights of some of the best motorcycle shows in NZ
  • The different racing classes in NZ

Purchasing a Motorcycle

Purchasing a motorcycle comes with some expense even if a used one is being considered. This site is constructed in such a way that it will provide more information for those who are contemplating such a purchase. Quite often, those who are looking to buy a quality motorcycle will want to do some research into what is available both new and used. This is a wise step to take, rather than making a hasty decision.

Purchasing a New Bike

Some who are going to invest in a bike may feel they want to buy a new one. If so, then chances are they will have to seek out financing to assist with this, and there should be some good options available.

The Purpose

It is, no doubt, very easy to get caught up in the excitement of motorcycle ownership when one is watching a bike in action. Or better still, when one is watching a motorcycle event. For those who have a growing desire to be a motorcycle owner, they need to give some careful thought as to the purpose. Motorcyclists enjoy this sport for a variety of different reasons. Such as:

  • For Pleasure

Many just enjoy the experience that riding a motorcycle can give them. They feel a sense of freedom when riding one of these units. For them, the purpose is for pleasure riding and touring.

  • Economical

For others, a good reason for buying a motorcycle is for an alternative mode of transportation. It is far more economical compared to some of the other choices. Even the convenience of being able to find a parking spot for a motorcycle can be much easier compared to a car. Then the cost of operating a motorcycle may prove to be even more economical compared to using public transportation.

  • Event Riding

Some motorcyclists have entered into the sport of motorcycle riding because they enjoy participating in different events. This may not be racing, as there are many different types of motorcycle events that do not include speed.

  • Professional Riding

Then there is that relatively large group of motorcycle riders that have the aspiration of becoming a professional rider.

Deciding on the purpose of becoming a motorcyclist is essential when it comes to purchasing the right type of bike.

Our Purpose

The main reason for this site is to create more awareness when it comes to participating in motorcycle riding.