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To gather a greater understanding of what this site has to offer, and its purpose, you will enjoy the information which is available on our home page. Here, we go into more depth as to the purpose of this site and why we chose the topic of motorcycles as our niche. There is information here that highlights the growth of interest in motorcycles. Then, there is additional information about purchasing a bike and really focusing on the purpose as to why an individual wants to participate in motorcycle riding.


For those who may not want to participate in actual motorcycle riding but have a passion for bikes, there is a fascinating post here, which is really interesting. It will also appeal to those who want to know more about motorcycle events in New Zealand, that they may want to participate in. For these individuals, there is an additional post about this with more information.

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Some of the most exciting events in New Zealand are the motorcycle shows. The post here focuses on a few of them, with special attention being given to the most important show of all.

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For those who are new to motorcycle racing, they may not be aware of the different classes. There is a post here which will help with that.

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