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Beautiful to look at, hear and more power too!


WARNING: There are cheaper off the shelf systems available than our own. However caution is advised as many only last 18 months because they don't use coated steels on the exhausts internals!

There are a number of reasons why you might be wanting to replace your bikes exhausts system.

One of the great things about this 'chore' is even if it's just a case of you needing to replace a damaged / corroded system, it is a great oppurtunity to make your bike your own. Sometimes this doesn't end up costing you a cent extra!

We at Custom Chambers have been at this game since 1978 and we have seen if not it all, a wider variety of projects than you are likely to dream up. So if you have something wild in mind draw it up and we can talk about what we need to get your bike happening.

The basis of our business is on custom built (some times the only way to get something that even looks like original is to get it built custom!) exhausts and as such we generally require you to bring your bike in

After discussing exactly what you want, leave the bike with us, and we can normally have it back to you within a couple of days. Of course it pays to call first. If power is not the main consideration, the following three questions are best thought through before you you call..

What 'look' do you want?

What do you want the bike to sound like?

What finish do you want?



The Look

Of course the standard system accomodates a lot of practical considerations. The bend, ground clearance, and the general placement takes into consideration the protection of the rider from inadvertent burns. All these things can often be improved upon when we do your bike but there is also plenty of scope for your own ideas. Just remember they will need to obe secured to the machine somewhere.


The Sound

A big single cylinder two stroke is never going to sound like a four cylinder Superbike. We can however give your bike a legal (or not if you're after a competition system) voice of it's own


Show with shine?

Really it comes down to Steel / Matt black or chromed ; or Stainless Steel.



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